The idea to produce superior non alcoholic beverage was first conceived in 2005, but the available processes were found to be flawed and technologically inadequate. After thorough research and investigative processes, the ideal mix of technology, quality, product range and stakeholders finally converged and de Pizan non-alcoholic beverages came into being.


The history of de Pizan dates back to a time when producing non-alcoholic beverages was considered impossible. Through research, perseverance and determination to find the ideal product, we have now created beverages that will be acclaimed throughout the world.


de Pizan is to be the leading supplier of superior alcohol-free beverages, having all the wine aromas, flavour, balance, structure and mouthfeel, making it the perfect social beverage of choice.

Craftmanship & Technology

The beverages are created through a sophisticated two-stage process that removes the alcohol from the wine without forfeiting the distinct aromas and flavours.

Our Timeline


Idea was conceived

The idea to produce superior non-alcoholic beverages was first conceived in 2005, when a significant market opportunity was identified, however the available processes fell far short of producing a beverage that would be universally acceptable.


Planted the idea

Against the backdrop of beverages that did not meet the demands of the discerning buyer, the idea to produce a non-alcoholic beverages of superior quality served as motivation for on-going research and product evaluation.


First production

Subsequent to the initial production-runs, several tasting and evaluation sessions were conducted in order to achieve our superior and highly marketable product.



Product Awareness and Demand was created for our products. An overall successful Exhibition in South Korea.


FHC Shanghai Food & Hotel Show

An amazing show, showcasing de Pizan Beverages in the China market


Agro-Food West Africa Exhibition (Ghana)

Our first mission and introduction to the Western African market. An Overall success with many opportunities Coming soon to Africa!


DotDot Direct

A South African online platform to provide the most efficient method to satisfy all our local customers!